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Today's Featured article : 
The Easiest Way to Learn Rose Gardening

A lot of gardeners are intimidated by growing roses. People often think that roses will need lots of our time, and perfect growing conditions. And, even though it is true that rose do have a few specific needs, those requirements are not all that hard to achieve. You can read ebooks or take some courses, but in reality the best way to learn rose gardening is to buy some roses and just take a stab!

Before you go searching for your rose plants, you will need to learn the conditions under which roses thrive. Determining the best placement for your roses is key if you need to learn rose gardening. Roses need sunlight and at least 7 hours a day to thrive. And, they prefer not to have too much of that sunlight in the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest. So, find a spot in your garden that gets morning and early afternoon sunlight and you have just found the best place for your rose garden.

In order to learn rose gardening, you also have to make that you have good soil for your roses. Peat moss and compost should be used, and your soil pH should be between 6.5 and 6.8. Go ahead and dig your garden and change your soil.

The next step you should take in your quest to learn rose gardening is to learn how to choose good rose plants. Take a little time to think about the purpose of your rose garden. Do you want to have beautiful cut roses? Or, are you more concerned about adding colour to the garden rather than inside the home? Understanding the goal of your rose garden is key to picking the right plants.

Next, you will learn to spot healthy rose plants. Look at the leaves closely on both the top and the bottom. You should check closely for signs of black spot, rust and powdery mildew. Black spot looks exactly as its name implies; it leaves black spots on the leaves of the plant. Rust is a brown spotting on the leaves and it usually found on the bottom of the leaves first. Powdery mildew is a white powdery substance on the leaves. If you see any of these problems, do not purchase the plant. Roses are also very susceptible to aphids; very small white bugs that will attach themselves to the top or bottom of the leaves.

Now you are ready to take your plants home and plant them. Remove your rose bushes from the container. Examine the roots, and cut back any that are damaged. Dig your hole wide enough to give the roots plenty of room. Make a small cone in the bottom of the hole that will allow you to spread the roots over and around the cone. Place your rose plant in the hole and fill it until the knot just below the plant shoots is covered with an inch of soil. Pack the dirt and then water thoroughly.

After a good watering, put up a little mound of soil around the plant. Be sure to carefully read the spacing requirements on any rose bushes you plant. One of the best ways to growing roses is to place the plants far enough apart that air will circulate between them.

In just few short minutes, you have gained several of the tips necessary to learn rose gardening. Now, broaden what you just learned by putting these tips into practice.